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Alumni Directory FAQs

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What is the Alumni Directory?

The Alumni Directory is the only verified online network of Stanford alumni. The directory is a helpful resource for alumni and students looking to make personal and professional connections, and you can easily search for alumni by industry, class year, location and more.

Whether you want to get your foot in the door for a new pursuit, reconnect with a classmate or find out if a company is the right fit for you, you can use the Alumni Directory to help you find answers, resources and new connections.

Why should I keep my profile updated?

Keeping your profile up to date helps current students and alumni find others with shared professional pursuits, Stanford experiences or personal interests. It’s an easy way to give back to the Stanford community, as the Alumni Directory is a hub for students and alumni to search and discover peers within the Stanford alumni community.

Tip: you can always adjust your privacy preferences to control how your information is displayed to others.

What is Stanford Pass?

Stanford Pass is the new name for your existing alumni account. It’s simply an updated login experience that continues to provide you with seamless access to your alumni email, alumni directory, alumni groups, alumni event registration, personal donor information and more. 

There is no need to create a new account. You can continue to use your existing Stanford alumni or donor username and password to log in (please note that account privileges vary by affiliation). Learn more about Stanford Pass.

How should I go about contacting someone?

Whether you send a short email or a LinkedIn message, alumni are generally responsive to a request for help. We recommend explaining why you are contacting them, what specific experience of theirs you are interested in learning about and a request for a twenty-minute conversation scheduled at their convenience. We do not recommend asking for a job, internship or referral. Need more guidance? Check out templates you can use to reach out to alumni on LinkedIn, the Alumni Directory and through the Stanford Alumni Mentoring (SAM) program.

Who or what can I find in the directory?

The online alumni directory includes records for all Stanford undergraduate and graduate alumni. For each person, you can view details like name, degree information, contact information and student activities, plus additional information like current employer, industry and job function. By default, records display name, home and business addresses, degree and current employer, given that information has been provided and made public by the user.

How do I find what I need?

To start, you’ll need your valid Stanford Pass username and password and to have completed at least three quarters in a degree-granting program at Stanford. Then you can log into the directory with your SAA account. (Unable to log in? Visit our help page with the site login.)

Using a laptop will provide the best experience for now, as we are working on a more mobile friendly version. 

To begin your search, click “Advanced Search” on the right hand side and enter a search term, which may include company name, industry, function, region, or class year, and click “Search”. For example, if I want to find alumni who work in Washington D.C. in non-profit organizations, I enter Washington D.C. in Region, and Non-Profit in Field/Industry. If I want to see recent graduates, I sort the results in descending order. 

Click on alumni profiles to see their preferred email address and Stanford affiliations, such as degree, major, class year or student group.

To start over at any time, click “show/revise search criteria” at the top followed by “Clear” on the right hand side and enter new search criteria.

Tip: In general, the fewer search criteria you enter, the more results you will get; the more criteria you provide, the more narrow your search results will be.

What if my contact has changed their name?

Any names recorded at graduation (e.g., an alum’s maiden name) will be automatically included in your search results, so there’s no need to search separately for a changed name.

How do I find people offering career support?

We get it—asking for help can be challenging. Fortunately, SAA and your Stanford alumni community are here to help. Visit our career resources page for how-tos and templates to help you reach out to alumni for support. Still have questions? Email us.

Who has access to the directory?

The directory is password-restricted to registered users only, and in order to be registered, a person must have completed at least three quarters in a degree-granting program at Stanford.

How do I adjust what people can see on my profile?

It’s easy to adjust what professional or personal information is available for other alumni to see on your profile—just follow these steps: By keeping more of your information public, you are helping students and alumni discover peers within the alumni community.

  • First, please log in to your SAA account. (Unable to log in? Visit our help page with the site login.)
  • Click on My Account.
  • Click Privacy to configure which information displays to fellow alumni, friends or groups. (You can access the link at the top of the page as well as on the left navigation bar under My Profile.) You have the option to set privacy globally, by section or by specific type of information.
    • To edit Profile Privacy, click on the appropriate Edit button. 
    • To edit Activity Privacy, click on the Activity Privacy tab. Select the appropriate audience for the specific type of activity. 
  • Remember to click Save at the bottom of each page to save any changes made.

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